IIC Technical Document KK-05 2005/09
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Particle Image Velocimetry System

Keywords: PIV, Flow measurement, Image analysis, Velocity vector, Streamlines

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is a flow measurement and analysis technique for obtaining velocity vectors and streamlines by image analysis in a two-dimensional flow field. A two-dimensional flow field is visualized by using a laser light sheet to illuminate micro particles injected into the flow. IIC's PIV system makes it possible to understand the phenomena of various types of flow.

Particle Image Velocimetry system

Components of the PIV system
Double-pulsed YAG laser PIV illumination source
Synchronizer Controller for synchronizing all of the PIV system components
Image capture device (CCD camera) A high-resolution digital CCD camera captures two images by means of a frame straddle link in small time intervals
Software For setting flow field parameters and analyzing PIV images

Application examples
・Air flow around a bridge model in a wind tunnel test
・Air flow around a building model in a wind tunnel test
・Inlet gas flow of a turbocharger
・Confluence of water ways

PIV faciliates easy measurement and analysis of flow fields that are
difficult to measure with conventional methods. IIC's PIV system
will assist engineers in the field of flow dynamics.
Please contact us about your needs for PIV flow measurements.

Velocity distribution of
powder spray

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