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IHI Inspection & Instrumentation Co., Ltd.

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April 1974 Ishikawajima Inspection Service Co., Ltd. (IKS) was spun off from Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (IHI).
April 1977 Ishikawajima Measuring Service Co., Ltd. (IMS) was spun off from IHI.
Yokohama Division of IMS was established (currently Isogo Division).
April 1977 Kure Branch Office of IKS was established.
December 1977 Head Office of IKS was established and moved to 22-13, Ohi-1-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (current Head Office).
April 1978 Yokohama Division of IKS was established.
May 1979 Aioi Division of IKS was established (current Aioi Division).
December 1979 Aichi Division of IKS was established (current Aichi Division).
April 1982 Ishikawajima Inspection & Instrumentation Co., Ltd. (IIC) was created as a result of the merger of IKS and IMS.
April 1983 Yokohama Division was separated into two: No. 1 Yokohama Division and No. 2 Yokohama Division (currently Kanazawa Division).
July 1991 Paid-up capital was increased to ¥220,000,000.
January 1993 Kasumigaura Division was opened.
April 1998 Electronic Equipment Division was newly set up in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Pref., transferred from IHI to cope with the engineering and manufacturing of inspection equipment for semiconductors and liquid crystal display.
April 1999 The 25th anniversary of IIC's foundation was celebrated.
June 1999 Participated in the foundation and operation of IHI Southwest Technologies, Inc., (ISwT), San Antonio, Texas, USA for NDI assessment services together with IHI.
October 2000 Most of the Inspection Division and Instrumentation Division was relocated and integrated with the Kanazawa Division in Yokohama.
April 2001 Research & Development Division for supporting IHI's experimental work was newly set up and separated from IHI's Technical Research & Development Division.
June 2001 Formed a collaborative arrangement with China Xian Import & Export
Commodities Inspection Corp. (CCIC) in order to integrate the inspection
service business in China.
April 2002 All activities of Electronic Equipment Division were shifted to IHI and Tsuchiura Division was closed.
August 2003 Acquired all stocks of Takashima Giken Co., Ltd. (TGK), making TGK a wholly owned subsidiary of IIC.
April 2004 Aichi Division joined the West Japan Divisions.
July 2004 Research & Development Division acquired facility-automation services and ultra-precision machining business from IHI's Technical Research & Development Division.
July 2008 The company name is changed from "Ishikawajima Inspection & Instrumentation Co., Ltd." to "IHI Inspection & Instrumentation Co., Ltd.".
July 2009 Merged Kasumigaura, Kanazawa Division and a part of Isogo Division into Fukuura Division. Fukuura Division is located at 6-17, Fukuura-2-chome, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Pref., which accommodates Technical Research & Development Center and Inspection Divisions, Instrumentation Divisions and System Equiment Divisions.
February 2010 Acquired Container Inspection System business from IHI.
March 2010 Succeeded all businesses of JAPS CORPORATION Co., Ltd. and was opened as Toyota Division accommodating JAPS Division in Toyota City, Aichi Pref. .
April 2012 Research & Development Divisions was reorganized into Experiment Project Department. Some activities related to supporting experiments were shifted to IHI.
West Japan Divisions was restructured into Inspection Divisions and Instrumentation Divisions. Some of factory inspection activities were shifted to IHI.
April 2013 Experiment Project Department was reorganized into Instrumentation Divisions and System Equipment Divisions.
August 2013 Head office was moved from Tokyo to Yokohama.
October 2013 Succeeded Control System Divisions from IHI Scube Co., Ltd..

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