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List of chemical and environment analysis services

IIC provides various types of services for chemical and environmental analysis. Based on our advanced analytical techniques, we also offer a wide range of measuring services to support scientific investigations, research, experiments and prototyping work.

1. Chemical analysis and evaluation

2. Environmental analysis

  • Measurement of flue gas
  • Water quality analysis
  • Analysis of dioxins
  • Analysis of PCBs
  • Analysis of industrial wastes
  • Fuel analysis (coal, oil, RPF, etc.)
  • Comprehensive environmental analysis and evaluation

3. Investigations, research and experiments

  • Investigation and evaluation of causes of failure
  • Evaluation of chemical reactions
  • Fundamental testing and various forms of R&D support
    • Evaluation of chemical reactions of high-pressure gases
    • Evaluation of catalyst performance
  • Trial manufacturing of testing equipment and testing

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