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Service Life Assesment and soundness evaluation for industrial facilities and machines

Service Life Assessment and Soundness Evaluation for Industrial Facilities and Machines

  1. Plants, equipment, machines and tools all have a service life, which can be extended through proper maintenance. Service life assessments are important in determining what maintenance activities are best.
  2. Microstructure observation of component parts is necessary to evaluate the expended life, damage level and degree of degradation. Two types of methods are used to make microstructure observations. One is a non-destructive method on site and the other involves cutting and polishing small specimen samples for detailed observation under a microscope.
  3. IIC provides service life assessment technology developed by IHI Corporation, IIC's parent company. IIC can propose the best service life assessment method to meet your needs and undertake the inspection service.
Typical plant and component service lifetimes
Iron and steel 2,000 years
Bridges, cranes, structural components 100~150 years, one million hours
Hydraulic power plants 50 or more years, half million hours
Nuclear power plants 30~40 years, 400,000 hours
Thermal power plants 30~40 years, 200,000 hours
Petrochemical plants 10~20 years, 100,000 hours
Ships 20 or more years, 100,000 hours
Airplanes 20 or more years, 50,000 hours
Automobiles 2,000~4,000 hours
Home electronics equipment 1,000 hours~
Watches and clocks 10 years
Toys 100 hours
Rocket engines 5 minutes

Is the life of a rocket engine only five minutes?

Service life assessment methods
  • Material degrade evaluation by mechanical testing
  • Microscopic observation of microcracks and creep cavities
  • Hardness test
  • Measurement of corrosion depth on components
  • Creep damage and fatigue damage evaluations
  • Residual life assessment based on crack propagation properties

Fatigue damage evaluation based on crack propagation

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