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IHI Inspection & Instrumentation Co., Ltd.

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List of experimental analysis/evaluation services and products

We provide manufacture test models based on our extensive experimental studies and field experience. IIC also supplies superior experimental techniques and engineering services for shipbuilding and offshore structures, backed by our outstanding testing facilities.

Model Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing of test models for tank tests
  • Manufacturing of test models for wind tunnel tests
  • Manufacturing of optical models

Industrial Machinery

  • Press mechanics tests
  • Roll process tests

Numerical Simulations

  • Strength analysis
  • Fluid mechanics (boiler inflow, combustion flow, etc.)
  • Sound analysis (noise propagation, etc.)
  • Explosion analysis (underwater explosion & damage study of structures)
  • Magnetic field analysis (influence of magnetic fields on nearby electrical circuits)
  • Motion mechanics in waves (oil-drilling rigs, etc.)

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