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PET bottle cap inspection system


TGX20-81B inspects the cap placement condition of all bottles on the production line. This system was developed by Takashima Giken Co., Ltd. (TGK) based on TGK's own x-ray technology. It can quickly inspect all bottles moving at high speed on the production line.

  • Inspection for PET bottles and aluminum bottles.
  • In-line non-destructive inspection of all bottles

This inspection system is manufactured by Takashima Giken Co., Ltd.

Model TGX20-81B
Japan patent No. 3058761

PET bottle

Aluminium bottle


Bottle size 280ml ~ 2.0L PET bottles and aluminum bottles
Capacity 1,000 bottles per minute (max) (conveyor speed: 65 m/min)
Accuracy Can detect gaps as small as 0.15mm between the cap liner and top of the bottle.
Absence of cap and cross-threaded cap also be detected.

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