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Fill level inspection equipment using X-rays


TGX10-25B inspects the contents of beverage bottles and cans. It captures and processes an x-ray image of the fill level to determine if the level is within the tolerances. High-speed and precision inspections are performed automatically in-line.

This inspection system is manufactured by Takashima Giken Co., Ltd.

Sample image

The fill level can be correctly derermined by using X-rays even in steel or aluminum cans. Detection is not influenced by color differences, bubbling of the fluid, the label or other factors.


Inspection applications 160 mL - 2.0 L PET bottles, beverage cans, glass bottles, aluminum bottles
Line speed Fill level inspection (X-ray imaging width of 200 mm)
  • Fill level settable in increments of 0.4 mm.
  • Static accuracy ±0.3 mm (For a standard can and without any shaking of the fluid level)
  • It detects whether the fill level is within the tolerances.
Recording/control functions Data distribution table for all products and defective product record.
Results can be fed back to the filler valve and capper head controls.
Power source AC 200V (3 phase) 20A
Equipment size (WxDxH) 1000 x 1250 x 2300 mm (Height depends on the conveyor line height)

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