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List of material testing services

List of Material Testing Services

IIC can help you solve your problems for all kinds of materials, including metals, ceramics, organic materials and composites.

Material tests

Mechanical testing

  • Hydraulic servo-control fatigue testing machine
  • Charpy impact testing machine
  • Low-temperature atmosphere test
  • Low-temperature atmosphere test for solder metals
  • Compression and tensile tests of wood specimens

Metallography - Microstructure and macrostructure observation of cross sections

Cross-section observation - Cutting and microstructure observation of samples

Measurement of material physical properties

Special material test - crack propagation test

On-site inspection and measurement

On-site stress measurement using x-ray stress measurement equipment

Life estimation and soundness evaluation for industrial plants and machines

Damage inspection, failure analysis, and countermeasures for identified problems

Damage inspection and failure analysis

  • Contamination analysis
  • Stress-corrosion cracking ( SCC ) damage
  • Fire crack damage of boiler tubes
  • Fractgraphy and cross-section observations
  • Hydrogen attack and creep damage of carbon steel pipes
  • Failure analysis of pipes
  • Hydrogen attack of boiler tubes

Powder physical properties and measurement of grain size distribution

Measurement of surface area to volume ratio

Production of damaged samples for testing use

Large tensile and compression testing machine, maximum load of 500 tons (5000 kN) and cyclic load of 200 tons (2000 kN)

Material surface analysis and measurement

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